Friday, September 11, 2015

The New Yorker

Trump's Bluster on Iran
By Robin Wright 
       Donald Trump's utter ignorance and bluster on foreign policy is dangerous.  His boast this week that he'd free the Americans detained in Iran -- even before taking office, no less -- was a reflection of his shallowness and, tragically, callousness. 
      At a Washington rally this week, he shouted that United States is "led by stupid, stupid people--very stupid, stupid people." But he's not so smart himself. He tweeted a story this week that reported on a SurveyUSA poll showing that  he would beat Hillary Clinton in a head-to-head race. Believe it or not, the story he linked to was from an Iranian media outlet. 
       I called former hostages seized over the past quarter century to get their reaction to Trump's statements on Iran. It was unanimous. In the words of Terry Anderson, America's longest held hostage, Trump is "a simple-minded twit."
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  1. The surveyusa poll Trump referred to was published in The Hill, not Iran, on 9/3//15. Perhaps you overlooked that. Your reporting on Iran comes across as a schoolgirl blush, and you are better than this! Moreover, a couple of weeks ago the Nobel Peace prize commission board stated they regretted giving Obama the award he did not deserve. Now, in the name of naïve wishful thinking they are going to make the same mistake again, while giving a green light to Iranian tyranny and imperialism. Brilliant. The commission has become a joke.